Important Employment and Labor Law Provisions in Los Angeles

In the United States, the Department of Labor takes charge in implementing above 180 laws that are related to employment. Hence, if you are working in Los Angeles, California, you might as well be covered by these provisions, which possibly give you rights and privileges as well as set rules in various aspects of labor and employment.

This is the main reason why it is indeed important for all the employers and employees to understand some basic principles of the Employment and Labor Laws. By having knowledge about it, you will be more familiar with the procedures on how to handle any violation. Yet, you may still depend on the expertise of Los Angeles Employment and Labor Law attorneys if, still, you find it hard to handle your situation.

Major Laws Intended for Labor and Employment

The following law provisions commonly apply to employers, employees, retirees, job seekers and other individuals or parties who play a part in the employment sector. This summary is intended to lay down some important information regarding labor law compliance and privileges. For a detailed knowledge about these laws, better read the whole provisions or have a consultation with your employment attorney in Los Angeles.

Workplace Safety and Health

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, employers have the general obligation to provide their workers with jobs and workplaces, which are free from any identifiable and serious risks. Any violation regarding this provision may be brought up to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is the agency tasked to implement injunctions for such non-compliances among the public sector employees.

Worker’s Compensation

Federal employees may take the advantage of benefits payments due to loss of wages caused by their total or partial disability. This also includes payments to cover other related medical expenses and vocational rehabilitation. The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act applies to those workers who have obtained disability or died in performing th

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