Gaining Employment and Living Overseas?

If you are feeling restless or that your life is stagnant and you are considering the need for change, do consider expatriate employment. Expatriate employment means working in a different country, with different environment and business culture. Yes, the idea of relocating to a different country or even continent may seem terrifying but at the same time for most people who have taken it up, it is an exciting time and definitely, a rewarding experience as we are living in the century of globalization.

What are the reasons most people opt to relocate and accept an overseas job posting? It is usually for the following 3 reasons although it could be more for different individuals.

Professional Growth : Career Advancement
Personal Growth : Opportunity to Travel, Live and Experience a Different Culture
Professional Growth
The opportunity to work in a different country and environment opens up your business network and your mind.

If you are working for a multinational company, there may be times when the company would offer an overseas position to get their company closer to their overseas customer. This brings valuable experience and understanding of how business in that country or region works which translates into niche job skills and experience for future career advancement.

Personal Growth

Some are seeking a change in environment and want an opportunity to live and experience a different culture or travel in a region of the world far from home. Getting employment in a country abroad presents an economic solution and the years spent abroad would enrich your life experience.

Of course, going through the initial culture shock and settling in a different country and culture presents a challenge that would serve to build strength of character and resilience in a person.


Depending on where a person is starting from, positions abroad usually pay more although one needs to be careful to take into consideration the cost of living or standards of living. Taking an example, gaining an employment in cities like New York or Tokyo is exciting and fulfilling but be wary that these are considered some of the most expensive cities to live in so you might not save much money at the end of your term abroad. On the other hand, gaining employment in developing countries like India or China can be equally as rewarding but be mindful that standards of living in some parts of the country will be much below that of a developed country such as Australia, USA or UK.

Thus, it is strongly recommended that when deciding on which country to live abroad in, do spend time to research and speak with expatriates currently living and working in those countries. This will minimize the challenges that come when settling down. A little preparation goes a long way in the journey to success.

This article was written by the author Anne Khoo. Anne has worked in Regional Positions within Asia Pacific and traveled extensively throughout this region and hopes that her experience in being successful in gaining employment in Regional Position can be valuable to others who would like to pursue this career path. For more recommended reading by Anne regarding the topic above, please visit


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